The Greenlees

I know I already went on about this family in the preview…but…I’m going to again!  :)

My husband and I were walking through the mall one Friday night, and we passed a local boutique with the most gorgeous scarf in the window. We went to head inside (and knowing myself, probably purchase it), but the store was closed. The very next afternoon, I receive an e-mail from the maker of that gorgeous scarf, inquiring about a family photo session!  I mean, what are the chances…what are the chances! Fate, I say.

Cristin made me the most GORGEOUS scarf that I have been wearing around like a mad woman (and which I will be showing off soon!) And she has the sweetest, most adorable little family. here’s just a few from their session!

p.s. go and check out cristin’s work! she’s amazing! |

faust park family photography // st. louis family photography

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