Hi there!

I'm courtney. A family & Newborn photographer in St. Louis, Missouri.

I am a wife and mother to two, living on the outskirts of St. Louis in a little home we are forever fixing up. Together we love the Lord, good coffee, adventuring, and our beloved schnoodle, Charles. I went to college for English Education in hopes of teaching high school English. However, in my last semester of college, I fell in love with the art of a photograph (this made my parents really happy *insert oops face*).

A few things I love. Being with my people. Slow days (if it's raining that's just a bonus). A good book. Trying a new recipe. History Channel's Alone. Days spent with windows open. Wooded cabins. Coffee chats. Laughing big. A trip to the thrift store.

I'm a simple gal, normally found in lounge wear. I call myself an extroverted introvert. I truly love being around people and being out and about, but if I'm honest with you...I'm equally as happy at home in the biggest, loosest pair of pants I can find. I have been known to cry at most movies and am never sure where I put my phone.

I have been describing myself lately as an oxymoron. I love what I do and have always had a need to create in some form. But on the flip side of all of this, I want to live an unhurried/tech-free/social media free life, spent loving on my family and taking care of our home. So, somewhere in the middle of that crazy combo, you'll find me!

Photography has changed for me a bit through the years. I was a wedding photographer for 10 years before stepping back after the birth of our children, taking a break, and ultimately making the decision to focus on families. To flip a successful business on its head felt pretty ridiculous of me, if I'm honest! But I found myself being the most filled up by capturing the beauty of family for others. I am a feeler and probably overly sentimental, but I truly see the world through the eyes of woman who lives with her heart outside of her chest. I know the weight that these photographs hold. I know how precious their hair blowing in the breeze is, and their little fingers touching your face. I know how fleeting the seasons are, and how special it is to see the chaos wrangled and captured in a beautiful, tangible way. Getting to capture this for others is a true gift to me, and where I find the most fulfillment.

I see your people this way, and I want to capture the magic for you.



A great afternoon for me involves:

I grew up in:

the deep South of Mississippi and lived in the middle of a cotton field for the first 18 years of my life. My brothers and I grew up riding our bikes all around town and playing in the fields and trees that surrounded our home.

an outdoor adventure with my little family. A visit to the thrift store with a good coffee in hand. A dinner for the ages and an early bedtime (and I mean like 8pm so I can read for 2 hours lol).



I am almost always:

I have always wanted to:

listening to a crime podcast while I edit my sweet family sessions. The humor in this is not lost on me!

own a cabin on a big piece of land and live life as slowly as possible.

book now