H O N E O Y E   L A K E

[audio:https://courtneysmithphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Gungor-Beautiful-Things.mp3]Beautiful Things – Gungor (click arrow to play)

I must begin by saying that each vacation spent with Dave’s family makes me, somehow, even more glad to have met him. We just got back from a week on Honeoye Lake with the whole family. Each family member is just so genuinely kind and good, and I am often caught off guard at the acts of love and selflessness that happen around them. While editing on the way home, “Beautiful Things” by Gungor began to play on my computer, and chills and tears formed despite my best efforts. Truly, there is so much beauty in every little detail and each little moment; moments that we will never see again, but were magnificently crafted by God. I could never truly take enough pictures to capture it; or take any picture that comes close to creating the beauty that God did in each one of us.


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