A K U M A L   O N   F I L M

Dave and I are celebrating our first year of marriage today!  (what in the world!)  And being that there is a serious blizzard outside of our home, and we are completely snowed in, we have been reminiscing on our honeymoon in Akumal, Mexico (which you might have seen the digitals here).

Until recently, I didn’t know why people called it the hardest year. While I understand now, I think a better word might be challenging. or humbling. or eye-opening. It’s not so much hard as it is like going back to school. We have had a solid year of learning to compromise,  to encourage, to cook, to budget, to listen, to pray, to forgive, to pick battles, to let go, to speak up, to be quiet, to love anyway. Beginning our second year together, I now know that our love won’t always be perfect or easy, but it will get bigger and better.

And it has been a year…proooobably about time I share these!

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