Year in Review / 2013

2013. where to begin, really? it was truly a whirlwind of emotions. It marks in history my first year as a wife and first real and true year of business. It’s the year that I dove head first into a dream. It has been a tremendous year of growth, and change, and overcoming. It has been humbling, and miraculous, and eye-opening. It has been a year of learning who I am as an artist, and where I want to be. of learning to let go and let god. to see a different kind of beauty. To compare less and appreciate more. To find worth in myself, first. I began the year with seven weddings booked, and ended it with fifteen weddings completed. and I am still blown away. I want to thank each and every person that allowed me to capture a bit of their life this year. Not only are the photos themselves an honor, but it’s a privilege to know you. and to capture moments that won’t repeat themselves. Because that’s what’s neat about photographs. in a sense, keeping time.  (also including a few from the tail end of 2012)

so here it is! 2013 in digital, film, and phone snippets. tiny moment from someone’s biggest day. history.

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