Andie + Mikal / Snoqualmie Pass


I can’t even begin to tell you the excitement that flooded in when I opened up my inbox to find that first message from Andie. Andie (fellow photographer) and I have followed each other on instagram for a while, and apparently been mutual fans of each other all the while! When she asked me about coming out to Seattle to shoot their wedding – goodness gracious, people – I can’t even express the excitement and joy of this Missouri girl. Not only are Andie & Mikal just ridiculously cute, but they both have hearts of pure gold. When Andie and I hung up the phone from our first phone call, I knew we just “got” each other, and their engagement session only further proved that. We seriously giggled the whole time – Mikal might have even been flexing his pec muscles at one point (or doing a pec-dance, as Andie called it – lol!) It’s just such a beautiful thing to see a couple who are truly each other’s best friends, and honestly just have so much fun being together. I couldn’t be more excited for your wedding in May, Andie & Mikal! It’s going to the best ever!


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