Danielle + Doug


I met up with Danielle & Doug just before sunrise last week for their long-anticipated engagement session. And to get me out of my warm bed before the sun comes up; well, you know I have to love these people! This pair trusted all my crazy suggestions, listened to me “die” 500 times, and treaded out into swampy fields just because I asked them to – smiling and laughing all the way!

“Dougie” & Danielle, it’s a beautiful thing to see two people so in pursuit of the Lord in your lives and your future marriage. If I can say one, very true thing about you guys  – it’s that you both live your lives with a joy, purpose, and service to others that is beyond rare. Thank you for loving others so well!

I’m so excited for your April wedding and for all the exciting things that 2017 and the future holds for you. I love you both, but for now, I’ll be quiet and let the photos do the talking :)

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