Sandra + Branden


Rain was in the forecast all week, and we prayed for good weather. Waking up the morning of, I checked my phone to find clouds and a high percent chance of rain all day. But instead of rain, glorious sunshine is what met us, and stayed with us until the very last set of portraits were done. Sandra and Branden were married in a greenhouse in the middle of Forest Park, while a summer rain and cool breeze quieted the city. Not many dry eyes were found as we listened to raindrops fall on glass and watched as ten years of life and love found their home.

Now let me just say, I don’t love the word “client.” I understand the definition of the word and that, technically, that’s what my couples are. But pushing aside technicality, client doesn’t fit for Sandra and Branden. Sandra lovingly coined me as their photografriend, and I couldn’t love the nickname anymore. Can I just call them my photogracouple? Not as catchy, but the love is all the same! Now to tell their story.

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Ceremony Venue: St. Louis Jewel Box
Planner: Annalaine Events
Hair/Make-Up: La Belle Mariee
Reception Venue: Randall Gallery
Second Shooter: Jessica Lauren 

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