Price + Tyler


Some couples. Goodness gracious. Some couples. They make you remember why you love what you do, and why you started in the first place. Spending the afternoon with Price and Tyler was like hanging out with old friends, and their sweet love was one of the easiest I’ve photographed. If you’ve been following the previews I’ve posted of these two, you know I already posted a clip from Tyler on how he and Price met and officially started dating. Well, now I have to post the proposal speech, and I hope you have your kleenex ready. Price and Tyler, I already know that your wedding is going to be one of the best. Not because of the amazing decor or fabulous attire (which I know without a doubt that will be the case too!), but because of your sincere and undeniable love. It’s the real deal, and it was a honor to spend an afternoon documenting it for you. Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness!

the proposal:
“Price, you’ve been my best friend from the start then suddenly and all at once you became the love of my life. Babe you’re a slob, and I know that when you don’t want to clean up it all goes under the bed. I just act like I don’t know because I can’t help but smile that you think you’re so sneaky. I have a love hate relationship with how you demand a crowd, but only when you try to make me the center of attention too. You’re needy but in the best way possible. You’re insanely passionate, I love hearing your stories from work. I know that your students feel insanely loved by you daily. There are so many versions of you and I love every single one. Today marks the first day of forever with you and if you agree then I vow to love you for the rest of your life. In your worst and best forms, I will love you. So with that I just have one more question, will you marry me?”


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