Jennifer + Tim


Sometimes I know right away that I am meant to work with a couple. When Jennifer contacted me about potentially shooting her wedding, it was definitely one of those times. One of the very first things she mentioned to me is that my old stomping grounds (the Mississippi Delta) is her second home. Not only the Mississippi Delta, but the EXACT location that I spent the first 20 years of my life – Greenville. First… what? And second… WHAT?!  So after several lengthy, descriptive e-mail exchanges about our childhoods in the heart of the South – playing in cotton fields and picking pecans – we decided we had to meet. Anddddd so, a three hour coffee date and new friendship later, we knew it was destined!

For their engagement, we strolled the streets of the neighborhood around Jennifer’s apartment in St. Louis. These two seriously love each other so well, and it’s something amazing to see. Their laughter and joking with each other is absolutely contagious. I left feeling like I had made two close friends. Jennifer and Tim, it’s an honor to be your photographer. Now I’ll just be anxiously awaiting your December wedding!


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