Autumn + Kellen



Autumn and Kellen were the sweet models from this past weekend’s styled shoot portion of our workshop. I cannot say enough kind things about these two. Autumn is a talented photographer in the area, and honestly – let’s be real – probably thought I was an absolute creepazoid reaching out to her out of the blue to model for us. (Never met me…never talked to me. Just gets a random facebook friend request and message from me one lucky Wednesday). But if she did, she was kind enough not to tell me, and amazing enough to accept. Needless to say, her and her sweet husband ended up blowing us all away. They patiently and happily modeled for us as 11 girls ooh’ed and ahh’ed and swarmed around them. I said this in the workshop re-cap, but I can’t help it, and I need to say it again. We could not have planned a more perfect day, perfect weather, perfect couple, perfect florals, and perfect sunlight if we had tried a million years. Literally so thankful for everything that came into play to make this day so amazing. And again, a huge thank you to Petal Pushers STL for the gorgeous floral headpiece and bouquet!

Okay. Now, I’ll just be quiet and let the photos do the talking.



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