Hey there! I’m Courtney, and I am a Midwest photographer with a love for story-telling. At the heart of my work is the belief that your photos should be sincere, filled with all the laughter, love, and tears that your day is truly made of. For me, it’s all about the heart-melting, wrenching, breaking possibilities – without all the forced moments.

A short little bio. I was born and raised in the middle of a cotton field in the Mississippi Delta. I moved to Missouri as a college sophomore and graduated with an English degree. I am not one of these that was born with a camera in hand. For me, it has been a long and sometimes very difficult journey. It took a while for me to understand, but I know now that God was with me all along, ever-so patiently guiding me towards His plan. I am so thankful everyday that He blessed me with such a fulfilling and inspiring career, sharing people’s biggest days and moments. I run my business whole-heartedly with the goal of seeing and sharing His light.

And some random tidbits! I am a wife to the best man and friend I’ve ever known. He also doubles as my assistant for weddings, so you might get to meet the fella! Together, we live on the outskirts of St. Louis and own a mischievous little schnoodle named Charlie. I love all things simple, organic, and rustic. I am a hopeless romantic, and more likely than not wearing sweatpants. I believe in kindness, traveling, dreaming big, and living genuinely and generously. I have a ridiculously large, loud, loving, Southern family. If my husband would let me, I would own a farm where I could house and feed all the stray animals of the world. I love love lovveee baking. In my free time, you will more than likely find me perusing thrift stores and sippin’ coffee with my sweet husband.

I hope to get to know you, as well!

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