Katie + Derek


My husband and I took a bit of an impromptu trip to the Colorado Springs area last week, and this goes without saying, but I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity to photograph a couple in the mountains. I found Katie through a Colorado photographer group and (a bit hesitantly) reached out to her about taking pictures of her and her adorable fiance. I knew that she would probably consider me a total creep and disregard my message, but just a couple hours after sending, I received an excited response from her that they were in!

These two are nothing short of amazing. Not only did they happily drive all the way to the Rocky Mountain National Park to meet me, but when we got there – it was a COMPLETE snow storm. So, they then back-tracked with me 40 minutes outside of the park so that I could actually see them through the snow. The love these two share is something so real – the laughter and kisses and joy that fill these photos – it’s 100% them. So thankful that my “mountain couple” could be a pair as amazing as this. Until next time, Colorado!


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