i n v e s t m e n t

Gah, how do I sum up this passion of mine? Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and I'm sure you've done your research enough by now to see this word "investment" here, there, and everywhere in regards to your photos. That's because, more than anything on your wedding day, your photos are your most precious investment! They are the window to a day that will fly by so, so quickly, my friend. When I say fly by, I mean whiz. There are so many moments from my own wedding day that were a blur even the day after it was over. To invest in your photographs is to invest in those precious memories, people, and time that won't ever come together quite like that again. Your photos will fill your home, wow your children in 20 years (that's what I'm most excited about! hehe), let you re-live all the the love and excitement that you felt, and frequently remind you of a promise that two crazy kids with shaky hands made - with a pair of rings and so much love in their hearts.

It's because of all of this that I'm so passionate about telling your story. I make it my mission to be there as your friend/photographer/helper/water fetcher/granola bar provider/encourager/bobby pin extradoinare/and quite often, entertainment ;) I've been known to cry during speeches (and when I say been known to, I mean I always do), because on your day - I'm sharing in all the excitement, love, joy, and laughter of a dear friend. I know I've done my job well when you can look back at your photos and feel like you're still there, with all the same emotions as you had then. Because the truth is, the people and places will change, and what will be left is the promise that you two made on one of the happiest days of your life. That is where my passion lies, and I so hope that I can be a part in telling that bit of your story. 

Wedding Collections begin at $3,000

Packages range from 6 - 10 hours, and always include an online gallery of your images that you are able to print, share, and download from as you wish! 

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