I am just a simple girl living in the Midwest with a passion for art and storytelling. I am a wife to an amazing man and mother to our beautiful little girl, currently living on the outskirts of St. Louis in our little "farmhouse." Together we love the Lord, the great outdoors, our puppy Charles, and cheez-its. I am a creative that went to college for English Education and somewhere along the way fell into what I now know is my calling. Most days you will find me at home in a big t-shirt, editing while simultaneously taking care of and entertaining the little one - carrying around what I can assure you is a cup of coffee that has been reheated at least ten times.

At the heart of what I do is a girl that grew up in the country, in a house surrounded by fields for miles in either direction. You could say that at a very early age, I fell head over heels for nature and eventually, love itself. All of it created a passion in me that I think shaped my photography style. With every shot, I aim to capture that feeling that something wild & free gives you. I truly believe that the most beautiful things in life are the most authentic - the most vulnerable, raw, and real - and love stories are just that for me. The real emotions, color, joy, excitement, hope, love, and tears that fill a day are the fuel to this love of mine. Beyond that, and most importantly, I am a Child of God, and I truly give him credit for every victory in this business. How great a gift to be given the honor of sharing His light with the world! And then lastly -

I consider myself incredibly blessed to be a witness to such precious moments. To not only be able to tell your love story, but to be your friend and to genuinely celebrate with you. To help you fix fly-away hairs and cry as you say your vows (because, I promise, that will happen). The honor and privilege of all of it is not lost on me. I truly love every single minute of what I do, and I would love nothing more than to call you friend and be there to tell your story.

A few favorite things: First and foremost, my Lord and Savior. And then of course, my husband, sweet baby girl, and rascally pup. Motherhood is something that this heart wanted for a long time, and it took us two years to conceive. I think for this reason (and a million more), I embrace it whole-heartedly and enjoy every second of what comes with it (sticky kisses and snugs included). Beyond that, it's kind of a hodge podge! I really love all things art. I love to sit down with a cup of coffee and hand-letter whenever I have spare time. I sing on the worship team at our church, and it's the truest form of praise I've found. Movie popcorn is my weakness, for sure (I've been known to go to the movies just for this and solely this, I won't even lie to you right now). Fresh flowers, thrift store shopping, watching my husband be a father, caramel macchiatos, big sun-facing windows, baking, myers briggs (ENFP here!), lazy days in big t-shirts, the mountains, ikea trips, chocolate chip cookies, thank you notes, exploring, trying new food, fall mornings, our front porch swing, throw blankets, my classical pandora station, "grazing" as my husband has coined it (I don't usually eat big meals, but love to eat lots of small things - lol!) . The list goes on, but I've gotta save a little of my mystery ;) 

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