- Stephanie D. "A few days and weeks passed after my wedding, and the blur of that day
was causing my memories to blur as well. When Courtney sent me the
photographs, I spent a good hour looking at them, smiling, laughing,
and shedding a few tears. When I look at my pictures, I can remember
just how that day felt and all the sweet times and laughter feel crystal clear.
What a treasure. We definitely made the best choice in Courtney."


Paige & Ryan

"We are so incredibly happy that we chose Courtney as our wedding photographer. She is one of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and she made us feel comfortable from day one. Her photography style captures the most beautiful moments in such a natural way, and I know we will treasure these photographs the rest of our lives! Thank you, Courtney, for going above and beyond any expectations we had - we could not have asked for a better experience!" 

Sandra & Branden

"Courtney is an amazing photographer and person. I immediately fell in love with her soft, romantic style and her sweet personality. The way she captures details is pure magic, and she works absolute wonders with light. Courtney made our wedding day so much fun, and I am obsessed with our photos! They are so perfect, and I'm still staring at them (and tearing up) months later. She really understood our vision and us as a couple. I started calling her our "photografriend," because that's exactly what she is. She is one of the most talented, kind-hearted people I have ever met!" 

Grace & Mat

"From the first moment I contacted Courtney to the moment I receieved my wedding photos, she was nothing short of perfect. I had multiple people at my wedding mention to me just how sweet she was and how great a choice in photographer she was. Even more praises came when they saw the resulting photos. Classy, modern, and fresh. I couldn't be happier with Courtney's work. If you are reading this and haven't booked a photographer, trust me, stop looking and go with Courtney. You will end up with the perfect story for your big day." 

Brooke & Chandler

"Courtney is absolutely fantastic! She took my lots of "green & romance" to the next level. My husband and I look forward to working with Courtney in the future! I could not see us working with another photographer."  

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