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Jared and Sara are what Dave and I like to call “good people.” ;)  They have the gift of hospitality and warmth, making everyone in their path feel loved, heard, and welcomed. We had the privilege of landing in a life group that these two took a leap of faith to start earlier this year, and it’s been one of the greatest blessings in our lives. In the span of less than a year, they’ve become some of our dearest and most treasured friends. To add humor to this – I’m also in a core four with Sara, where we prayed for baby Parker even before we knew she existed! I believe we were praying over how tired Sara was becoming all of a sudden…(LOL) ;)I will tell you, I am not a newborn photographer and have never claimed to be. But this session has stolen my heart. I got to spend a morning following these crazy kids from room to room, watching them take in the new little person in their lives, and I’m telling you – it’s magic, really. So many of us live these beautiful, blessed lives and can’t really step back to see it for what it is. Thanks for letting me come in and capture a little of the beauty you guys call life, Sara and Jared. God has given you such sweet little blessings, and it’s such a joy to capture them.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Parker <3

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