abby + zach


I’m not sure if I can put these two into words. From the first time I met them, Abby & Zach quickly became one of my favorite couples – just so filled with laughter and genuine joy. While chatting with Abby a couple weeks before the wedding, she was telling me about the day and all the details, and I was literally smiling from ear-to-ear just listening to her excitement. “We want lots of color, because that’s just us!”

Abby, you were so right, sister. You guys deserve all the bright, happy colors, because you two are seriously that kind of joy to everyone who is lucky enough to know you. Wishing you guys so much color and so many happy years to come :)

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Hair: Becky Lutz

Make-Up: Jaime French

Flowers: John Knoll Wedding/Events Florist

Dress: Allure

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Caterer: Catering by The Christy

DJ: Block Rockin’ Beats by Tom Rotter

Venue: NEO on Locust

Cake: Harter’s Bakery

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