2016 Review

There are some moments that words can’t contain. Shooting weddings is like that for me. Not a lot of words do justice to what it is, or what it’s like, or the irreplaceable things that I have the privilege of seeing.

2016 has been a year – as I find all years in this business tend to be – of growth. It’s been a year of shooting in places that I never dreamed I would go. Of pushing forward when I wanted to stop. Of celebrating because God’s provision is beyond my comprehension. Of learning more and more that what I do is not only my calling, but what I feel is one of my greatest blessings. I can look back on this year and vividly see God’s hand in directing me right here;  to just exactly where I am. Refining, teaching, strengthening, softening, and humbling.

I hope that when I share my work, it never comes across as “look at this because I’m awesome”; but that you see the beauty in all of it. Not the beauty that was captured or edited by anyone, but the beauty that was undeniably there. More than looking at pretty pictures, or knowing who took them, or thinking of who was in it or where it was taken; I hope these make you feel something.

I hope you can see the dreams, years, tears, fears, joy, and prayers that are stitched into every one.

I hope that above all, the story that they encompass stands out most of all. 

2016 friends, thank you for trusting this silly girl and for letting me into your lives to see the incredible beauty that’s there. And for two thousand sixteen, thank you for yet another lesson. For the beautiful people and friendships formed. For the moments. And for the serious privilege of it all.

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